Printing Workshops for children

Silkscreen printing adds an extra dimension to kids’ artistic knowledge and it’s great fun! Through our workshops we aim to give children of all ages an enjoyable introduction to the art of printmaking, enabling them to develop their creativity and learn different skills and techniques.

Our courses guide children through the various stages of the printing process. Using found objects and hand drawing we create artworks which will be transferred to screens or stencils and layered in different colours to create a montage. We’ll learn about positioning and registering the screen to form multi-coloured prints. And we will, of course, produce lots of prints!

Our group sizes are small and workshops are fully supervised and conducted through The Printing Tree Studio located at Wimbledon Art Studios. Individual sessions are 2-3 hours depending on age groups and can be tailor-made or extended to courses.

For further information please contact:
Jane Bain –
The Printing Tree Studio –