Artist | Printmaker | Grocer

One of the most challenging things about my art is choosing the fruit! Grocery shopping has never been quite the same since I began to search out the most engaging 'models' for my paintings and prints.

I’m a London-based painter and printmaker with a fascination for light, nature and scale. Born in Chelsea, I studied art and design at Wimbledon School of Art and the London College of Printing and lived in Singapore and Hong Kong for a while, where I also studied Chinese calligraphy. I regard all my subjects as portraits, whether flora or fauna, exploring the character behind each model, be it the figure-like shape of pears that exude human qualities, the secret of an unopened lily, or the playful cheekiness of a bird.

My latest work explores the concept of something old making an impression on something new. In these screenprints, an object leaves an imprint on the newspaper from which it has been unwrapped. The images are entwined with layers of pattern and texture. I have also been applying texture through monoprinting techniques to create some rich and colourful prints, including a new set of bold, oversized fruit prints.

If you are interested in any of my work, please contact me. Come and see me in my studio at the Wimbledon Art Fair on 14-17 Nov 2019.